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Top 20 Medical schools in China

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According to the latest released List of Institutions and Scale of Enrollment for Undergraduate Clinical Medicine Programs Taught in English for International Students, 2013/2014, 52 institutions have been approved to recruit foreign students in undergraduate clinical medicine taught in English by March 2013.

How to choose the most suitable university for yourself among the 52 institutions? Students should know their own needs first.

Students always want to get best education in top schools. If they have got good results in high school and have enough financial support, they can surely apply for the best schools in China.

Top 20 institutions can guarantee you the most authoritative medical education. Some medical universities, renowned for their long history of medical education, are equipped with strong teaching group and resources. Many prestigious and powerful institutions cooperate with each other with the school-running style of combination of the strong. Some medical universities with world-wide prestige merge with non-medical universities, which enjoy the same prestige, to become multi-discipline comprehensive universities. Although these medical universities become affiliated institutions of the comprehensive universities, they receive numerous supports both financially and at the policy level from the government and thus become stronger since the comprehensive universities are the key institutions included in the government construction and development plan. These comprehensive universities are endowed with the most advanced researching equipment, the best professors, and pleasant campus environment.

Fudan University (originally directly under the Ministry of Health)

Central South University (originally directly under the Ministry of Health)

Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

China Medical University (originally directly under the Ministry of Health)

Zhejiang University (originally directly under the Ministry of Health)

Jilin Medical University (the former First Military Medical University)

Shandong University

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (originally directly under the Ministry of Health)

Fujian Medical University

Guangxi Medical University

Dalian Medical University

Soochow University

Xi’an Jiaotong university

Harbin Medical University

Sichuan University (originally directly under the Ministry of Health)

Jinan University

Tongji University

Southern Medical University (the former First Military Medical University)

Wuhan University

Tianjin Medical University 


Among the top 20 institutions, SAC recommends Jiangxi Univeristy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiujiang University to you.

Fudan University is the most authoritative institution with world-wide prestige among the top 5. But high entrance requirements and high tuition fee (about 75,000 RMB per year) may be your barrier. Additionally, the recruitment quota of Fudan is only 30 (the quota in other institutions is usually between 100 and 200). You may also encounter other inconvenience when studying at Fudan. Students from India and Pakistan in belief of Islam find it hard to make friends of the same religious belief and living habits since they belong to small group in Fudan campus. Therefore, some special needs of them, like eating halal food, may be hard to meet in the campus.

Normally, tuition fee in other institutions, including Capital Medical University (CMU), the sole one in Beijing among the 52 medical institutions, are above 40,000 RMB. To expand enrollment, CMU provides a scholarship of 7,000 RMB for each foreign students. Thus the real tuition fee for each student is 35,000 RMB.

China Medical University (CMU) is among the universities with longest education history in China. CMU is situated in Shenyang, northeastern China’s Liaoning Province. The city is renowned for its combination of antiquity and elegance, and low living cost. In 2013, the university has moved to a new site and the campus view and dorm conditions have improved greatly. Foreign graduates from CMU think highly of it for the commitment to responsibility of teachers and high standard semi-military management of foreign students’ life and study. In the past few years, CMU provides regular attendance sheets and academic performance of foreign student sent by SAC for their parents so that the parents can get first-hand information of students’ performance at university.

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