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Undergraduate Programs

I. Study Period

Undergraduate programs given in English : 3 years

Undergraduate programs given in Chinese : 4 years

II. Qualification

1. Non-Chinese citizen in good health;

2. Senior High School Diploma with excellent performance

3. Language requirement:

Undergraduate programs given in English: IELTS 6.0 (exclude English native speakers)

Undergraduate programs given in Chinese: New HSK Level 4 (or above)

III. Application Materials

1. Application Form Download;

2. Personal Statement;

3. Study Plan;

4. Two Recommendation Letters;

5. One photocopy of your valid ordinary passport;

6. One photocopy of your senior high school diploma and one original academic record;

7. Photocopies of notarized diploma and academic records in English from your country (if original ones are not in English);

8. Photocopy of your HSK certificate;

9. Other materials that can increase your chance of admission.

IV. Application Fee: 1500 RMB

V. Application Period


Available Programs in English

Computer Science

International Business

Programs in Chinese Medium

School of Accountancy  Financial Management
 Accounting (Focus on ACCA, some courses are delivered in English)
Accounting (Focus on CPA, some courses are delivered in English)
International School International Economy and Trade(Focus on International Business, some courses are delivered in English)
Finance(Focus on International Finance, some courses are delivered in English)
Accounting(Focus on International Accounting, some courses are delivered in English)
School of Business and Administration Business Administration
Human Research Management
Logistic Management
School of Finance & Taxation Public Finance
Administrative Management
Public Administration
Labor and Social Security
School of International Trade International Economy and Trade
Electronic Commerce
School of Economics Economics(Focus on International Economy)
Economics(Focus on Quantitative Economics)
National Economic Management
School of Finance Insurance
School of Statistics Statistics
School of Information Management Managerial Science
Information Management and Information System
Information and Computing Science
Computer Science and Technology
School of Software and Communication Engineering Software Engineering 
Network Engineering 
Electronic Information Engineering
Communication Engineering 
Electronic Science and Technology
School of Humanity sociality
Social Work
Journalism (focus on Broadcast and TV)
Chinese Literature
Cultural Industry Management 
School of Art Landscape Gardening
Industrial Design
Art Design (focus on Environmental art)
Art Design (focus on Digital Design)
Art Design (focus on visual communication)
Art Design (focus on Ad Design)
Design (focus on landscape)
School of Law Law
School of P.E Social Physical Education
Physical Education Industrial Management
School of Foreign Language English


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