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This is a detailed step by Step procedure for application

  1. Fill in the Application Form
  2. Scan the data page of your international passport
  3. Scan High school results
  4. Attach No. 1,2,3 in one Mail and send to
  5. Subject of Mail should be Intended Program of Study
  6. Application will be processed and evaluated by the admissions department
  7. If accepted, Admission Confirmation Notice will be sent to you via Email
  8. student should pay application fees
  9. After Payment of application fee, visa documents will be prepared
  10. Student will be contacted once visa documents are ready
  11. Student’s visa documents will be sent via DHL to students home address
  12. You are required to apply for Chinese Student Visa at the Nearest Chinese Embassy in your Country.
  13. After getting visa, you are to send your flight itinery to with Subject Flight Itinery
  14. You are required to arrive with full Fees,Visa documents and admission documents
  15. After arrival, the university representative will pick you up and register you

Application Requirements
  1. Scanned Copy Data Page of International Passport 
  2. Scanned Copy High School results 
  3. Filled Application Form 
  4. Application Fee

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