2 reasons why you MUST visit El Nido, Palawan

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There is a range of modest accommodation in the town of El Nido, which is not far from Lio Airport. Tours are easily booked from here as is transportation to Puerto Princesa or to Coron.

If your budget allows it, splurge on a luxury getaway vacation at one of El Nido Resorts’ three islands: Miniloc, Lagen, or Pangulasian , another 30-45 minute boat ride away depending on which island you pick.

Miniloc is popular with families and groups, with its energetic vibe, and is the resort’s dive centre; Lagen, with its more quiet feel and overwater cottages, is chosen by couples for romantic vacations. Pangulasian Island, the newest of the three, has luxurious beach villas with private views and individual pools; green-friendly visitors will appreciate the use of indigenous design and materials and the relaxed Asian modern vibe at its main bar and restaurant.

2. Because you can observe unspoiled nature up close and at it best

A scenic archipelago of forty-five islands located within majestic Bacuit Bay, El Nido not only is dotted with limestone cliffs and powdery white beaches; it is a world-class showcase of marine biodiversity, with a chance to learn and observe nature over land and underwater. The entire province of Palawan itself is protected as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

If you're a diving aficionado, you will not pass up the chance to go diving here. Snorkeling will also give you the chance to observe unique coral formations and species of fish not found anywhere else in the world. On land, nature lovers will marvel at the variety of tropical plants and fruits, bird species, and monkeys found easily in the area.

El Nido Resorts organises lectures on marine protection for adults and children and will tour you around their turtle sanctuary areas, where sand turtles nest their eggs until ready to hatch.

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