A delegation from Lawrence University visited GZNU

AddTime:[2014/9/16 11:04:21]

Ph.D. Merton D. Finkler and his colleagues visited GuizhouNormalUniversity on July 10 morning.


Ph.D. Merton D. Finkler is professor of economics in LawrenceUniversity, and interested in health policy, economic growth and development, macroeconomic policy, the economics of China. With his help, GZNU and LU joined in an agreement as sister universities in the promotion of education and academic exchanges between the two universities.


Mr. Ren Xiaodong from South China Karst Research Institute, Ms. He Songyu from School of Chinese Language and Literature, Ms. Xia Shangli and Ms. Le He from School of Foreign Languagesattended the exchange meeting. Both parties agreed that the two universities should carry out the exchange programs.

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