Shenyang University of Technology

International Education School of Shenyang University of Technology

General Introduction


   Shenyang University of Technology (SUT), situated in Shenyang-a key modern city in the northeast, is an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such seven areas, as engineering, science, economy, management, liberal arts, laws and philosophy. SUT founded in 1949SUT has 20 Schools, which is authorized for the conferment of Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Doctor' Degree. now there are 50 undergraduate programs. At present, there are about 1500 teachers in SUT, with 3 academicians, more than 200 professors.

   The InternationalEducationSchoolfocus on international students education, and include Chinese-international cooperation program. To meet the demands of the international students from different country, International Education School offers many training courses to language students, undergraduates, graduates. There are nine majors of bachelor degree taught in English at our School,international students apply for admission without Chinese langusge basic demand. Our School can accommodate 200 international students,to meet the needs of the students in learning and living here, with such facilities as pleasant classrooms, language laboratories, internet bar, academic exchange center, dining hall, laundry.

Our university enjoys a good climate with distinctively four seasons. There is a big famous international evening market near our university. And there are also two big supermarkets and one shopping mall near it. So you will have a convenient shopping environment around our university.


International Students Training

I. Majors for Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Doctorates

Names of School


Authorized to confer

International Education Collage

Chinese Language

Short-term Language Majors: less than one year

Long-term Language Majors: more than one year

Short-term Cultural Exchange

Undergraduates Education

‘2+2’ Undergraduates Education

Degrees of Bachelor for Chinese Majors; Certificates for Completion of Language Courses; Degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor in cooperation with other relevant Schools

School of

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automationin English


Biological Medicine and Engineering

Degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor;

Research Station for Postdoctorals

School of Science

Environmental Engineering

Science of Information and Calculation

Applied Physics

Applied Chemistry

Degrees of Bachelor and Master

School of Economics

International Economics and Tradein English

Economicsin English

Financein English

Degrees of Bachelor and Master

School of Management

Project Management

Business and Industry Management

Marketing and Sales Management

Accountingin English

Degrees of Bachelor and Master

School of

Liberal Arts and Law

Science of Law

Arts Designing

Degrees of Bachelor and Master

School of

Information Science and Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Communication Engineering

Electronics and Its Technology

Measuring Technology and Apparatus

Computer Science and Technologyin English

Degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor

School of Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineeringin English

Architectural Environment and Its Equipment


Degrees of Bachelor and Master

School of Material Science and Engineering

Material Forming and Control Engineeringin English

Metal and Material Engineering

Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering

Degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor

School of International language



Degree of Bachelor

School of

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automationin English

Degree of Bachelor

Chinese Language

Specialty: Chinese Language(Business Economics—oriented)

Length of Schooling: 4 years

A bachelor diploma and a graduation certificate are awarded after four years’ study and pass the academic thesis defense.

.Main Subjects

Chinese language literature; Economics

.Main Courses

A comprehensive course of Chinese Language, listening Chinese, Spoken Chinese , Reading Chinese, Spoken Chinese for Business Economics, Principles of Economics, A comprehensive Course of Chinese for Business Economics, Advanced Business Spoken Chinese, Introduction to Economy, Chinese International Economy and Commerce, Chinese Economic laws concerning international affairs, China’s National Conditions, Contemporary Chinese Economy,etc.


Level of Chinese

Course Structure

Class A

Class B


Advanced Chinese Intensive Reading, Advanced Oral Chinese, Advanced Chinese Writing, Chinese Culture, General Introduction to China, Chinese Newspaper Reading, Advanced Chinese Video Listening and Speaking, Advanced Chinese Reading, HSK

Class C

Class D


Intermediate Oral Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Intensive Reading, Intermediate Chinese Reading, Intermediate Chinese Listening, Intermediate Chinese Writing, Intermediate Video Listening and Speaking, Chinese Newspaper Reading, HSK

Class E

Class F


Preliminary Chinese Grammar, Preliminary Oral Chinese, Preliminary Chinese Listening, Preliminary Chinese Reading, HSK

Optional Courses

HSK Testing Skills, Chinese Music, Chinese Dancing, Tai Ji Quan, Business Chinese, Trip and Culture

Chinese Training Courses in Winter and Summer Vacation


Courses Arrangements

Short-term Language Learner (Different Classes for Different Levels)

Oral Chinese Accelerated Courses (Advanced, Intermediate and Preliminary), Trip and Culture, Video Listening and Speaking, Short-term Chinese Intensive Reading